Saturday, July 22, 2006

Industrial Wind Turbines Kill Birds and Bats

Don't be Fooled.

Industrial Wind Turbines Kill Birds and Bats. If you follow the links on this site and go to theirs to follow their links you will go to sites all over the world that show this problem for what it is. Birds and bats do not avoid wind turbines. They are unable to calculate and thus avoid wind turbine blades that are spinning at over 200 miles per hour at the tips. No one could!

Millions of protected bird and bat species are being literally wiped out, with nothing in sight but an increase as more and more industrial wind power plants are erected over our lands and seas.

These important and beautiful animals have no voice of their own. They need ours.

Yes, pollution is a problem for birds and bats, as it is for us. But it is outrageous to be killing the living ones for a future which is, yet, unknown. We will not be able to get them back once they are gone. It would be like sacrificing our living children to an experiment that might help future children. I don't know about you but my children's lives are precious to me and I refuse to sacrifice their healthy lives in the name of a scientific experiment.

We must find a way to coexist. And we can do it without sacrificing the living for those yet to live.

The most direct and simple way is for us to change our lifestyle now (in terms of conserving our Natural Resources) while seeking solutions that will do no further harm to the environment we all share.


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