Friday, September 29, 2006

Department of Defense Wind Farms and Radar Report

This Report just released by the US Department of Defense shows that wind farms can and do interfere with military and air traffic control radar. For years, the wind industry, particularly Cape Wind, has been attempting to downplay this issue as just another political attempt to stop the building of some (Their) wind farms. The study proves that the issue is not only real but to date there are no mitigation techniques to solve the problem other than moving the turbines elsewhere.

Additionally, Cape Wind has been citing a report by the FAA stating "no hazard" to aviation and an Air Force letter saying the project would "pose no threat to the operation of PAVE PAWS radar." as proof of no radar interference and aviation hazards from their proposed 130 417 foot tall turbines in the middle of the Nantucket Sound and in line of three airports and military radar at Pave Paws.

This from the Cape Cod Times today:

The 62-page report, prepared for Congress by the Office of the Director of Defense Research and Engineering, specifically concludes that previous analysis of the effects on the PAVE PAWS radar station were ''overly simplified and technically flawed.''

The report calls for a more comprehensive study ''on an expedited basis.''

That conclusion stands in stark contrast to earlier correspondence from federal officials that found the Nantucket Sound project would pose no hazard.

In fact, whenever questions about radar interference were brought up before, Cape Wind officials would cite a 2003 letter from the Federal Aviation Administration that affirmed ''no hazard'' to aviation, and a 2004 Air Force letter that said the project would ''pose no threat to the operation of the PAVE PAWS radar.''

At last, the truth is being publicly exposed and it is up to each and every one of us to read the report for ourselves in order to understand this significant hazard to national security and public safety. In all real estate it is location, location, location.

The proposed Cape Wind project is in the wrong location for all... people and wildlife.

Read the full report HERE reproduced by Please note pages 54-55 on PAVE PAWS and the Nantucket Sound.


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