Saturday, September 02, 2006

Who Will Protect Nature Now?

Who will protect nature now that wildlife organizations have turned their backs on her? The people who care and will stand up and let their voices be heard for those who can't speak for themselves.

There was a time that I proudly claimed to be an environmentalist but no longer. Being an environmentalist now seems to mean to hell with nature that is alive today, let's allow her to be destroyed now so one day we can save her. The logic is astoundingly duplicitous and arrogant.

Organizations like Greenpeace should be dissolved based on that alone. Their members should leave in droves. They have been betrayed and used to further an agenda that their membership would never for a minute accept. Most people join these groups to save and protect nature not to use her as a sacrificial lamb for climate change. State Audubon's all across the country are doing the same and those groups deserve to be disbanded as well.

The hypocrisy these groups are showing is appalling. They have sold out for money, recognition, political agendas and power and have forgotten their missions to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

In the State of Massachusetts we are in an enormous battle with a private developer who seeks to slip through a federal loop-hole in ocean management before any regulations are developed and take over 24 square miles of the Nantucket Sound for his industrial 130 turbine wind power plant which will be as large as the Island of Manhattan. This entire area was designated as a marine sanctuary by the State of Massachusetts to protect the marine ecology and endangered bird life there. Yet, because of a donut-sized hole of federal waters in the center of the Nantucket Sound, he might get his way. If he does, a precedent will be set and more and more industrial development will follow which might very well include drilling for oil and other destructive industry to the natural habitats and delicate ecology of the area.

The developer, Cape Wind, headed by Jim Gordon of Energy Management Inc, a former marketing king and developer of many energy projects including a diesel power plant proposed for a poor, already polluted city of Chelsea, MA, across from an elementary school. Cape Wind is now being backed and promoted by Massachusetts Audubon. Why? Because of the money (a contract worth millions of dollars) they have set as a condition of final approval for their Adaptive Management plan i.e. to monitor the dead birds over at least a three year period resulting from a project known to kill birds. What is the loss of some birds when compared to global warming, they say. Global Warming? Give us a break! Would anyone bring their vulnerable child to a pediatrician who announced "What is the loss of a few children when compared to famine in a third world country?" Not I and not You! Yes, I care about famine and yes I will donate money to an organization that is set up to help in that cause but no, I will not allow my child's pediatrician to diminish and abandon the life of my child for the sake of something he is not set up to do anything about.

WE who love and appreciate Nature and our precious wildlife who already suffer at the bottom of the barrel in terms of a voice, need to stand up and be heard on her behalf. If we don't, no one will.

Please Join the People World-Wide who are Fighting to Save our Precious Wildlife and their Threatened Habitats from Industrial Wind Plants

For more information on Industrial Wind Plants and to join a group near you please contact:


Anonymous Mick Gordon said...

I wonder if wind plants are the lesser of two evils - as in its better than greenhouse emissions which stand to destroy a lot more. I see in Ontario there are vast forests of wind plants springing up in several locations. I wonder if it is possible to make the wind plants more visible to the birds and bats?

11:01 AM  
Blogger Magical said...

mick, that is the common mis-perception but the fact is that wind power plants will do little toward the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions but a lot toward the immediate destruction of our wildlife and their already dwindling habitats. Habitat destruction is the single most important cause in species decline and extinction today.

what we need to do now is to conserve what we have, use it wisely and develop alternative energy sources that will help not hurt the living environment.

The Wind Industry is a fast growing, what I can only call, fad. And the impetus behind it is the making of money through billions of dollars in subsidies and tax breaks not the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

As to being more visible to birds and bats. That is a good question. no one knows why bats fly into and are killed by them. My theory regarding birds, birds of prey, specifically is that through adaptation for survival they must block out any and all distraction while after they focus and lock onto their prey. do not do that would mean a missed meal and eventual starvation.

12:24 PM  

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